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Tribe: At the heart of Simplicity

The Chittagong Hill Tracts, combining three hilly districts of Bangladesh Rrangamati, Khagrachhari and Bandarban districts.

The inhabitants of these hill tracts are mostly tribal and belong to different ethnic communities; Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Tenchungya, Chak, Pankho, Mru, Murung, Bawm, Lushai, Khyang, Khumi etc. Majority of them are Buddhist and others are Hindu, Christian and Animist. Despite the bondage of religion, elements of simplicity are strongly displayed in their rights, rituals and everyday life. Some tribal families are matriarchal; they are the main productive force and decision makers of the family.

These people are self-sufficient and live by producing own food, weaving own clothes and passing days extremely simplistic in attitudes and thoughts.

Although the tribes differ in dialect, dress patterns and socio-cultural rites and rituals, their commonness lies in their simplistic day-to-day life patterns. These people still have the hunting prowess but in current time the games are hard to find and it is showing in their food intake. Some tribal people can also make simple gun for hunting. But the forests are rapidly ravaged by commercial purposes, which increase the despair of these people. Tribal women have dominant skills for producing magnificent handicrafts.

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All photograph right reserved by Naymuzzaman Prince.