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Victims of political violence-Bangladesh 2015

Because of the 2014 controversial general elections BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) raised several demands to the ruling party Awami League. BNP did not participate on the election and Awami League and it`s allies went alone to the controversial polls. January 5th, 2015 marked the first anniversary of the election. BNP, Jamat-e-Islamia and their 19 party allies, called for countrywide protest and blockades during several months.

During these blockades and protests a lot of violence occurred all over country. Arson and petrol bombs were thrown at vehicles, demanding a complete standstill of the country. Many civilians were victim of these attacks- at least 70 people died during the months of political unrest. Many people were badly burned or injured and got permanently disable. Some are still fighting for their lives in the countries only burn unit, Dhaka medical college hospital. Dhaka Bangladesh. 2015.

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All photograph right reserved by Naymuzzaman Prince.