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Oil disaster in Sundarbans

Around 200,000 littre of farnes oil got spilled into the water of the world famous Sundarbans on 9th December 2014 after a collision between two water vassels. The oil has already spread over a 50-mile area, is an ecological catastrophe, according to the experts.

The Sundarbans is a vast river delta on the northern shore of Bay of Bengal. It`s mangrove and rivers are home to a vast array of plant and animal life, which is unique to the planet.

The Sundarbans has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site for its reach biodiversity and it has a vast river delta on the northern shore of Bay of Bengal. The shela river, where the oil tanker sunk, along with the Pashur-another effected river are home to several species, including the rare Irrawaddy and Ganges Dolphin.

People who dependent on fishing and crab hunting are directly affected and will remain for a fairly long time even after the spill has dispersed due to expected large-scale mortality of fish and crabs. Government decided to take help of locals in mopping up the Oil. Locals men, women and children have come with pots and pans for oil mopping. People are using their bare hands to skoop up the oil, but in future which can be cause of a big health iisue. Government owned Padma Oil company is buying it at a rate of 00.30 euro cent per litter.

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All photograph right reserved by Naymuzzaman Prince.